Chris Ayer Releases 10 Song LP with Ballad “Selfish”


Chris Ayer is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who sing breathtaking melodies and writes catchy hooks. His latest song is a ballad called “Selfish.” The music sounds slightly country with acoustic instrumentation and a brilliantly played slide guitar. The songwriter says that he penned this song in just 15 minutes – it basically wrote itself. There is something that feels so authentic and raw about the writing. It seems like Chris Aye made strong realizations and emotional discoveries shortly before “Selfish” came out of him. Read what he has to say about the experience below and enjoy the song on Spotify now. The song comes off of his 10 song record “Endless Wonder.”


“Selfish is a song I wrote in 15 minutes. It came out at 2am fully formed, and I recorded it all on a voice memo on my phone, and then transcribed after.  It had been a long time since a song wrote itself so quickly and fully — so it definitely was a song that needed writing.  it was a painful realization that spending too much time alone, and getting used to the sound of your own voice can bring a kind of isolation and selfishness to your world view.  This song explores the fear that needing to know there’s anyone else on the other end of the line might be a selfish neediness, as compelling and urgent as it feels.  And generally that pushing all the oxygen out of the room and then gasping for air is a pretty illogical way to behave. To deprive yourself of the connection and love you need, and then feel starved for it … I think writing about it was an important way of addressing it lovingly, without feeding into unproductively self-loathing narratives.” – Chris Ayer

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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