Indie-Pop artists, Dreamsuite and Loüme, Give Life To Beautiful Music Video For Their First Collaboration Track “Up to You”

One of 2019’s breakthrough indie-pop artists, Dreamsuite, teamed up with Loüme to produce, direct, and film this masterfully developed music video for their new track “Up to You”. This is the duo’s first collaboration, but based on the magic they produce together in the studio I’m hoping it won’t be their last.

Dreamsuite’s creative senses never fail to amaze with the audiovisual wonders he consistently produces. This combined with Loüme’s wealth of music composition/production knowledge is an unstoppable force that shines through in the final mix and video. “Up to You” features breathtaking footage of intimate moments between actors, Max Reichert and Devon Allen, in some of the most scenic California hot-spots including Malibu and Joshua Tree. The powerful videography effortlessly blends the heartfelt lyrics of the song with the warm lighting and fluid imagery of the footage. This song is perfect for late night drives or end of summer vibing with friends.

Left to right: Masterminds behind “Up to You”, Dreamsuite and Loüme

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Written by Wes Spaulding

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