Ron Pope Sings a Folk Song About Not Having All the Answers


“Wait and See” by Ron Pope is one of the most beautiful songs that I have heard this year. The song brought on the feels as soon as the first few guitar notes were heard. A gorgeous guitar leads the track. On top of the slowly played guitar riff and scarcely strummed chords, Ron Pope sings a soulful ballad about not having all the answers about the future. Life doesn’t always work out as planned and there’s not really anyway of knowing how it will turn out. He keeps asking “What will become of me? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” There is some sort of peace in that. The lyrics are about the true experiences of Ron and his cousin who joined the Marine Corps. on September 11th before the attacks. Read Ron’s quote about the songwriting inspiration below:

“My cousin’s first day of Marine boot camp was September 11th, 2001. He signed up during peacetime and had plans; he’d have some adventures and then attend college on the GI Bill. I left home at the same time thinking that in a few months, I’d be “discovered” and would transform into a household name by Christmas. This is a story about how both of our plans were scattered to the breeze. He went off to fight his war as I spent years creating my music in relative obscurity. Neither of us could’ve imagined where we’d end up when it was all said and done. Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up; it’s ok not to know. Regardless of where you think you’re heading, the forces of the universe have a way of adjusting your plans as they see fit.” – Ron Pope

“Wait and See” comes off a 3-song EP of the same title. It can be heard on Spotify now:

Find out more about Ron Pope: 

Written by Ryan Cassata

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