TYGERMYLK Release Climate Activism Anthem “I Killed the Bees”

1574275149959Female indie folk-duo TYGERMYLK is out with their latest singled called “I Killed The Bees.” The song was penned quickly by band member Hayley Harland. The song is for the activist heart as it’s about the worldwide climate crisis that is literally effecting everyone. Hayley Harland was inspired by her mother, Maddy who has been a journalist on the subject for the last 25 years.

Songwriting aside, the track also stands out in terms of performance and production. The vocals on the song drift over atmospheric instrumentation and feel beautifully psychedelic. The harmonies are perfectly fitting. There are moments in “I Killed the Bees” that feel very catchy in vocal melody and less free form as well. If you haven’t heard of TYGERMYLK before, this is a great introduction song.

Listen to it now on Spotify:

“I Killed the Bees” serves as a teaser for TYGERMYLK’s upcoming EP.

“I was staying in my childhood bedroom at the time, my mum is obsessed with bees, that’s all she talks about so it’s no wonder it crept into my subconscious. The song was finished in about 20 minutes, I played it to Aurora the next day and was like – can I really call it that? Aurora is a vegan and always keeping me on the straight and narrow so it immediately became her favourite of our songs.”
Hayley Harland, TYGERMYLK

Hayley Harland and Aurora Bennett make up the Brighton-based duo TYGERMYLK.



Written by Ryan Cassata

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