Yvette Nacer releases new single “Forgotten” that will pull on your heart strings.

Yvette Nacer is definitely a skilled actress, author, and singer-songwriter, sharing her impressive talent with this new single “Forgotten.” Inspired by her grandmother who Nacer lost to Alzheimer’s Disease. Nacer imagines and gives us a new perspective on what it would be like in the moments of knowing you were losing memories. Nacer hopes this meaningful song will bring more awareness to this disease. Listen to “Forgotten” on Soundcloud below.

“Forgotten” captivates the listener as Nacer belts out poetry with her powerful voice. “Dripping in love is now a haze, a memory I thought could not be erased.” The lyrics are mesmerizing. The chorus then starts off with the soulful lyrics, “Forgive me love I’ve forgotten your love, its not my fault, yeah its out of my control.” This song “Forgotten” truly is a one of a kind that has made quite an impact on how I think about life.

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Written by: Hunter Lake

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