The Sweet Kill Bring a Unique Sound on Neon Black

The Sweet Kill released their LP Neon Black at the tail end of last year which contains the song “Shutdown.” The song was inspired by the current political climate which is getting more tense as the days go on. The verses are very rhythm in vocal delivery almost feeling in the genre of rap metal. The song is so unique that it is impossible to categorize into one genre. The chorus melodies are much more melodic and catchy and feel anthemic in their own way. What’s very impressive about this song is that the music transitions between these different sections very smoothly. “Shutdown” was co-written by Voli (Bebe Rexha, J. Cole).

“Shutdown explores my uninhibited rebel side because I was born to be this way. There is a rebellion within a dystopian society. I love the movies Blade Runner, the matrix and THX 1138. Their delivery of a dynamic portrayal of a dystopian world entices my imagination. When the big one finally hits (the comet, a tsunami, an earthquake, atomic bomb) the technology that supports the world we currently live in collapses. The society that raised me has over indulged in psychological warfare, racism, bigotry and prejudice infecting the world I inhabit BUT this is only possible by the technology that supports it. If I am to be free, accountability and responsibility is key. In order to invoke this alternative a catastrophic event needs to occur or the collapsing ones own enabling system to expedite the “Shutdown”.” – The Sweet Kill 


Neon Black also contains a “Masters of War” Bob Dylan cover with a much different spin than the original. You can hear the record in it’s entirety via Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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