Ben Mitchell’s Current Protest Song Fits in with the Woodstock Era

“Right to Know is a spirited protest song; an impassioned cry for honesty, reason and transparency. Right To Know brings the spirit of quiet rebellion to life with crying pedal steel guitar, down-home telecaster riffs and thoughtful, intelligent and subversive lyrics.”
– Ben Mitchell 

587243c0e9b9700ec4da6997c661a6a2357c38aa.jpgBen Mitchell is out with a political song called “Right to Know” which sheds light on government corruption, inequality, war and many other deep topics that definitely need to be talked about more. Music is one of the most powerful ways to send a message and change the hearts and minds of many. Ben Mitchell’s song is a protest song that spreads the message of peace, love, and equality. The vocal delivery. comes across as loving and kind instead of angry. This makes hearing the message much easier compared to many other current protest songs. The song fits in with classic rock, country, and singer-songwriter folk. It would have fit in perfectly on the original Woodstock stage.

“Right to Know” came out in December of 2019. It’s message needs to be heard more than ever. Right now. Wouldn’t you say that we have a right to know? You can hear it on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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