John Belthoff and Annalee Chisen Share Feelings of Heartbreak in “I’m Falling”

John Belthoff and Annalee Chisen have teamed up to bring one of John’s songs to life.

Falling could mean falling in love or falling out of love or falling into dark days because of heartbreak. Falling could feel scary or freeing. In this case, falling feels like losing in a gigantic way. “I’m Falling” is an emotional heartbreak ballad that fuses the genres of country, jazz, big band swing, and classic rock together in an exciting way. John Belthoff plays, most, if not all, of the instruments on the track and also produces his songs himself. He wrote the chorus of the song first and let the rest of the song follow that lead. Annalee Chisen, from Nashville, delivers soulful vocals on the track that really bring the emotion forward. The song centers around heartbreak in a very universal way. Anyone that has gone through a breakup or lost someone they truly love, could relate to the lyrics. It’s impossible to not feel the dire emotion on this track. John Belthoff is based in the New York area.

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Official Artist Quote:

“I’m a Songwriter and Producer and I wrote this song around the chorus. I imagined the shock and emotions surrounding a significant loss. Kind of where you are fully functioning on the outside, but on the inside, you seem to be temporarily suspended from normal life and you still have to press on. In the production I chose to lay back on instrumentation in favor of a strong emotional vocal performance. And that’s exactly what Annalee delivered on the track. Annalee Chisen is a local Nashville Singer who is certainly on her way up.”
– John Belthoff 

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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