Kamggarn is the Perfect Listen for Fuzz Fanatics

ab67616d0000b273835b2ea27de41ab7238d727a.jpgIf you’re into psychedelic fuzz you will love Kamggarn. Their latest song “Cranberry Kiss” in an impressive genre-blending anthem. It has incredibly fuzzy guitars and powerful drums that truly win the listener over.

The song could fit in with several different genres such as psychedelic rock, grunge, and punk, making it a great introduction to this impressive band for new listeners. The song leans into the classic rock realm during the very catchy chorus section.

“Cranberry Kiss” is the first track off of their 8-track record that was released in September 2019 titled Psych Aux Tropiques. We highly suggest checking out Kamggarn if you are a fan of fuzz or want to get into the genre. Ready to get fuzzy? Listen to their record on Spotify now:

Kamggarn is based in the U.K.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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