The JAB is on the Rise with Bluesy New Record “Consume”

The JAB, led by frontman Jam Alker, is a rock band with a unique sound.


The JAB’s latest release Consume is an 11-song LP combines elements of hard rock, blues, and punk. The record contains many great songs including a bluesy hit “Dank Mississippi.” This particular song starts off with an incredibly played soloing harmonica riff done by bandmember Terry Byrne. The drums come in while the harmonica bends. A banjo and slide guitar find a home as well. Jam Alker has a powerhouse vocal performance with a catchy melody.

“The song is about the overwhelming desire for salvation and redemption… but be careful who you choose to follow, not all “holy” men have pure intentions.” – Jam Alker


Jam Alker pulls inspiration from his own life for his lyrics and soulful vocal deliveries. He struggled for years with heroin addiction and is open about his journey and recovery. Now celebrating over 5 years of consistent sobriety, Jam Alker and his band The JAB are touring frequently even hitting huge stages such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, Reading/Leeds and Glastonbury. They have made a solid career through their distinct sound that is both lovable and unforgettable.

Each song on the record stands out in it’s own unique way while the album still flows flawlessly from start to finish to stand well as one piece. Rock the Pigeon believes that this record will be remembered as one of the top rock records of 2020.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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