THP Drops Magically Recorded Debut Single

THP shines with debut single “Restless.” 

THP carries the spirit of rock n’ roll on their debut single “Restless.” This rocking single is the first taste of their upcoming 4-song-EP. THP not only sounds authentic but chose the truly authentic recording process of recording analog, straight to tape. This gives their project a truly magical sound that most competing bands fail to achieve. The band created this project at The Clocktower Record in Joshua Tree, CA. The 4 songs were impessively written in the span of a month. Judging by this powerful first release, the rest of the EP is highly anticipated. “Restless” contains distorted bluesy guitar riffs and an epic guitar solo that you’ll definitely want to replay. The guitar riffs sound huge thanks to a great performance by THP’s guitar player and production work by mixing engineer, producer Charlie Stavish.


Most bands record digitally these days so it’s rare to find musicians that are doing it the old school way. Digital is a more affordable process as reels and tape machines can be quite expensive. In my opinion digital recordings lack authenticity and a good portion of the chemistry of the band and performance is often lost.

I asked THP band what made them decide to go analog for this recording and they had some good words to say. “We chose to record to tape per suggestion from our studio engineer. He’s a tape recording guru I guess you could say plus we really the warmth tape brings to a record, especially on the drums. Drums just compression and shine differently on tape! Plus a lot of records we all enjoy were recorded to tape. Not to mention we did it all live! Let me converse with my drummer/singer about proper quote of inspiration. I wouldn’t feel without his input since he penned the lyrics to this tune!”

As far as songwriting inspiration goes the band says “Restless was written about the disconnect and mixed emotions you experience when you feel as if you are on a different rhythm from the rest of society and the ultimate thrill of creativity that occurs through different varieties of isolation and being worn out.”

Restless dropped on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020. Enjoy it now! We can’t wait for more and we think you’ll feel the same way! Thanks THP for keeping rock n’ roll alive and thriving!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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