Wallysburg Releases New Song About Panic Attacks & True Love

Wallysburg gets lyrically deep while staying musically upbeat on “Grey.” 

Grey’ is a song about having somebody close to hold onto in the darkest times. Someone who helps you overcome the most treacherous obstacles.

– Doug Lanza, Wallysburg 


Wallysburg is an indie-band that took shape in Tampa, Florida in 2017 when two high school friends Charlie Davis and Doug Lanza teamed up with twin brothers Patrick and Drew Alexander. Their latest single “Grey” is danceable and musically uplifting. The spirits feel high from a music standpoint. Listen more carefully to the lyrics, and you will find that this song goes deeper than what is assumed at surface level. That’s one of the things that makes Wallysburg really stand out from other acts in their genre. They are unafraid to get deep lyrically and open up in their music. “Grey” is the story of a panic attack that Doug Lanza of Wallysburg experienced. Going deeper than that…”Grey” is a love song. It’s about standing by your partners side when they are going through an awful and uncomfortable moment.

The song could be heard on Spotify now:

I got the chance to speak to Doug Lanza about the lyrics of the song and was moved by his responses. I think that you will be too…

Doug writes: “‘Grey’ came to me the morning after the worst panic attack of my life.

At the time, I was having dinner with my then-girlfriend for our anniversary, when the sudden upheaval of dread and fear crashed over me like a 20ft wave. It’s a miracle I could drive us back to the apartment. By the time we had made it home, I had lost it all together, and was spiraling. Hyperventilating, blacking out, having delusions, begging my girlfriend to not let me die of a heart attack. Yet, she was the best comfort I could have asked for. She held me and kept so calm while she talked me down from the extremities of my excruciating adrenaline rush. She never left my side the rest of the night. I don’t know how I would have ever fell asleep and put an end to an episode like that without her.

The next morning, in a foggy state of unease, I had a moment of catharsis when a melody came to me. The good ones always come with strong emotions. The vocal line and the lyrics in the chorus of “Grey” echoed in the kitchen, which I recorded on a voice memo that I still have from 2017! Since then, the song has been recorded in several different forms, but finally made the most sense as the pop-driven track we recorded, produced, and mixed ourselves.

“Grey” is a song about having somebody close to hold onto in the darkest times. Someone who helps you overcome the most treacherous obstacles.”

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/wallysburg/

Written by Ryan Cassata


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