Yes, It’s true. The Strokes are back! 

Hey rock world!!! Did you hear the good news? The Strokes are BACK! The Strokes haven’t released a record in a long time, could one be coming soon? Yes! The Strokes released single “At The Door” earlier this year and recently released single “Bad Decisions.” This single channels the bands older sound and serves as a great teaser for their upcoming LP drop. “Bad Decisions” is a catchy alt-rock song that fits in well with their songs “Last Nite” “Someday” and “New York City Cops.”

Their next record titled The New Abnormal will be available April 10th, 2020. Strokes fans can pre-order/save the record via their website, where they will also find The Strokes official merch store that contains some pretty hip merch themed for the upcoming LP. 

Check out the official music video:

Check out the official album art here:


Written by Ryan Cassata 

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