Sara Kays Releases Personal and Captivating Single “No Matter the Season”

“No Matter the Season” is an earnest and heartfelt single by Sara Kays, reflecting on her struggle dealing with troublesome body image.

Kays opens up and lets people in on how unnerving it can become when other people comment on issues that are actually tormenting. “No Matter the Season” is about how Kays always wears sweaters and baggy clothes to cover up her body. People don’t bat an eye in the colder months, but as the weather gets warmer, everyone remarks and questions how warm she must be.

This is a struggle many people can relate to in some way, and Kays puts these thoughts into a beautiful song. Her vocals in “No Matter the Season” are full of emotion as she describes her inner struggle. The melody of her vocals are supported by varied and continuous guitar picking and a well-balanced rhythm. The honest lyrics depict the emotional toll it takes going on like this, “It really gets to me, I can’t answer truthfully,” sings Kays.

Listen to “No Matter the Season” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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