Vandalye Breaks Through With Acoustic Rock Song “Break In The Willow”

Add Vandalye to your Spotify playlist because this band sounds too good to be undiscovered.

Based out of Dubai, Vandalye has been together for roughly five years. The members include identical twin brothers, Thomas McCone and Lucas McCone, and lead vocalist, Scott Attew. The band has achieved a lot, including opening for Lionel Richie and Sir Elton John.

“Break In The Willow” is poetic and professional. This acoustic song is full yet minimal and allows all the instruments to be heard clearly. The vocals are soothing and matched perfectly with strums of guitar. The even tempo of “Break In The Willow” is at such a frequency where it takes precedence over any other noise, yet this song would also be perfect as background in a lull of a movie. The members of Vandalye show their talents as musicians with the artfully mixed chords and a tasteful vocal melody combined in “Break In The Willow.”

Listen to “Break In The Willow” on Spotify below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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