Latest Song “New Mood” by LPX is a Strong and Inspiring Call to Action

The unique style of LPX, a solo project of Lizzy Plapinger, combines a pop vibe with a punk attitude and creates an energetic anthem.

“New Mood” is a contagous piece that inspires and motivates. Fiery and vibrant, Plapinger makes a statement with “New Mood.” This song is about gathering, or talking oneself into gathering, the courage to move on after being in a bad place. Her vocal style is confident and full of conviction. “New Mood” is a powerful song only an engaging and creative artist such as Plapinger can deliver so smoothly.

“Written and recorded in one visceral take fueled by a post panic adrenaline rush, it’s an anthem for change and breaking habits, committing to yourself and wanting more.” -Plapinger

Watch the lyric video for “New Mood” below:

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LPX is also opening for Carly Rae Jepsen and Maggie Rogers! Click HERE to find out more.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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