Need Some Cheering Up? Listen to this Song by John Tsenoli

John Tsenoli is out with his sophomore single titled “Long Road.” It comes in perfect timing as just about everyone in the world could use some lifting up right about now. The lyrics provide a strong message of hope, love, and also encourage people to carry on, to keep going. The music has a very cheerful vibe to it as well and the vocal sits on top nicely and comes across as strong and powerful. We strongly believe that this song will bring a moment of peace to anyone who chooses to listen to it. Give your mind a break from the outside noise and listen to “Long Road.”

The South African singers song is his personal anthem of leaving his village to purse his dream while still paying homage to the ones who helped to get him where he is. He is set out to inspire and to help push others to reach outside of their comfort zone. He goes on to say: “I want people to draw inspiration from the song. In my mind, I feel we don’t have enough voices out there that are projecting the truth, that are rooting for people to be honest. To go for their dreams and to do everything that’s outside of society’s norm. I hope that with this song, it inspires you to do exactly that; because I assure you, the minute you go out of your comfort zone, the minute you go out of what you’re comfortable being in, you’re going to find GOLD and then you can begin to live the best days of your life.”

“Long Road” now available on all platforms:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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