Here’s 4 Talented Indie Artists to Support Right Now

Life is pretty rough for indie musicians all over the world right now. Tours have been cancelled, Live Nation has sent their artists home, large and small venues are closed, and everyone is off the road. There’s not even traffic during rush hour anymore. Things are definitely different right now. As an indie artist, I definitely am feeling the burn. I was really looking forward to getting on the road and do hope that I’ll be able to at least do the end of the tour or reschedule cancelled shows.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 8.56.58 PMTouring and selling merch at shows, is the main source of most indie music artists. Since that is not an option right now, I have put together a playlist that features on indie artists. Please give the playlist a stream through. I’m sure you’ll discover some new favorites! Some of the artists are highlighted in this article below.

Needing some feel good vibes? It’s time to check out Glenn Thomas. This song has a simple drum groove with a vocal that is perfectly fitting and definitely uplifting. This song features a soulful vocal tone and a well-played bluesy harp. This song was produced by Jordan Lehning  who has also produced Andrew Combs, Rodney Crowell, Joshua Hedley. This song fits in well with the lyrics of Andrew Combs, Bright Eyes, and Joe Purdy.


“I wrote this song after a bout of insomnia, where I wouldn’t fall asleep until early in the morning each night. There was that dreaded time before the sun began to rise where the birds would start chirping. I thought it would be funny to ask the birds the questions that were keeping me up, since they were all unanswerable anyway. When I set the words to music, I thought it would be fun to make the music sound really fun and lively, like a 60s pop song with serious lyrics. When it came time to record this, Jordan helped define that 60s brit pop vibe. We wanted a fun lead like whistling or a harmonica, and it happened that Nashville session legend, Charlie McCoy was available. We spent more time asking him to tell us stories than it took him to record his parts!” – Glenn Thomas 

Enjoy the song on Spotify now:

The Vansaders bring a punk rock song to “Siren’s Song.” Their latest songs speaks loudly about love and alcoholism. Catchy melodies and an anthemic breakdown are some of the standout moments on this track. This song also contains an incredible guitar solo that should not be missed.

Next up, we have queer country legend, Secret Emchy Society. She has just released her latest song “Everything Was Fine.” This is an upbeat song with lyrically deep and adventurous lyrics. The song dives into the topics of touring, driving, and loneliness. Secret Emchy Society is a great story telling songwriter with a huge catalogue of both original music and cover songs. She performs frequently coast to coast, most notably in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“At its heart, “Everything was Fine” is about the call of the open road and the loneliness that can come along with it. Driving hundreds of hours on I-5 over the course of 2019, there are flat tires, the forest is burning 10 feet away from the road I’m driving, people sometimes just drive right off the road – and you just keep going to the next gig. Everything was fine becomes one of those reassuring mantras – even if you don’t always believe it.” – Secret Emchy Society 


Enjoy the song on Spotify now:


Bobby Guard has also released a new song quite recently called “Faith Alone.” This song has beautiful production, and a soft and low vocal tone that begs for the listeners ear. Simple drums and a wonderful slide guitar are some instrumentation standouts on the track. The lyrics speak about traveling and the longing for love.

Enjoy the song on Spotify:

All of these songs are featured on this Spotify Playlist.



Written by Ryan Cassata

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