In This Time of Uncertainty We Can Count on Paul Weinfield's "Many Things Are True"

“Many Things Are True” is a compelling and realistic song that can give us hope in this strange time.

Paul Weinfield has a strong and convincing voice that broadcasts what many of us may already be thinking. Although, instead of uncertainty and despair, Weinfield uses the chorus to remind us that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. His confident vocals give this bluesy-rock song power. “Many Things Are True” has an entrancing melody filled with piano, expressive guitars, and a flowing rhythm that carries the song. Though this song has darker lyrics throughout the verses, the reality the song is portrays comes off as hopeful and gives us something constant we can listen to. “Many Things Are True” tells us to believe in whatever it is that can make things better. No other time would be better to do that than now.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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