Raincity Releases Entertaining New Music Video "Crazy"

In time for when most of us are staying inside, Raincity has released “Crazy,” off their self-titled EP, which came out this past June.

Directed by Wayne Chung and Bailey Wood, this music video is full of stylish outfits and fascinating clips. It would also be an understatement to say the vocals are comparable to Amy Winehouse. They are rich and expressive, and leave you entranced. “Crazy” has a variety of instruments that come together in an iconic and creative way. The melody is tuneful and dynamic. Hearing “Crazy” just once will leave anyone impressed.

“‘Crazy’ is a song about betrayal and gaslighting,” says Raincity vocalist Clare Twiddy. “It talks about a relationship where the other person is hiding information from you and making you feel crazy for looking into it. We wanted to portray the same feeling by showing ourselves on display in an art museum and having the critics look through us as if they weren’t hearing us. The stark contrast of lighting in the video and the shots where the critics are missing, allude to the experience of thinking ‘it’s all in my head’ which are the last lines of the song.”

Watch “Crazy” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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