Mae Krell’s Inspiring Song about Healing Provides Hope During Global Crisis

Mae Krell provides hope that we can all flourish despite pain with new song.


Piano, a slowly strummed acoustic guitar, and a soft vocal are the hallmarks of Mae Krell’s latest track “Garden.” This well produced folk-pop ballad is the first of many new songs to come from the young singer-songwriter who has toured the country and been featured on official Spotify playlists. Mae Krell never shies away from getting lyrically deep and definitely hit the mark of authenticity in their new smash “Garden.” The emotion is basically bleeding out from the track in a way that is moving and connecting. It’s a look into the darkness that many of us struggle with and hopefully one day overcome. IMG_3764

The lyrics come from a place of experiencing deep pain and developing the hope to move forward towards self-healing. It’s about learning from the past and growing, using pain as a lesson. It’s about being grateful for the pain that got us to this specific place in time today, the holes and planting seeds for all of our future gardens of self-healing. Mae Krell’s experience and honesty will perhaps provide others with a sense of belonging, understanding, and more importantly; hope of a future, that they too can grow a beautiful garden from experiences that once brought darkness and pain.

“‘Garden’ was written during a time of rebirth and new beginnings in my life that I wasn’t really ready for at the time. It’s about how all of those feelings manifested; anxiety, fear, worry, and not trusting that I would be able to live my life without the negative things that I was so used to. It’s a song about growth, pain, and how time really does heal if you’re able to trust, surrender, and learn from your past.”  – Mae Krell 

Very wise words, Mae Krell! We hope that people can use this song as inspiration during this very dark time in the world right now. I do think that it could surely provide a sense of hope to many that feel lost in the darkness. We are all building a garden now.

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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