SEA GIRLS out with EP to Tease Upcoming Summer Album

SEA GIRLS release 20-minutes of music for eager fans!

photo by COOPER

SEA GIRLS have a sound that is unforgettable and upbeat. They have already built a massive worldwide following and are nearing 800,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Their debut album is coming this summer and they are already the staple on several official Spotify playlists. SEA GIRLS have just released an EP called “Under Exit Lights” which contains 6 tracks, some full band and some acoustic, which shows a different side of SEA GIRLS. The EP starts off with their last released banger-of-a-single “Ready for More“, which is still stuck in our heads from the first time we heard it. Another great track on this EP to zone in on is called “Why Won’t You Admit.” Another synth-heavy pop-rock smash, SEA GIRLS are really showing that they know how to pen catchy hooks and feel-good jams.

As you wait for their debut LP, dive into this 20-minute collection of SEA GIRLS music:

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Written by Ryan Cassata 

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