Rough Times? Arik Dov has Been There Too and Brings Hope in New Music Video

Arik Dov releases new EP with compelling music video for “The Man.”

“The Man” by Arik Dov is an honest song about going through a rough year. The song starts off with an orchestral piece before dipping into a folky melody and acoustic guitar. The song picks up at just the right moment, the strings rejoin, and light percussion kicks in. The song has a catchy chorus that could fit into the pop realm and will definitely get stuck in your head. “The Man” provides a strong element of self healing. It’s about making it all the way through the hard year, seeing it through, to a better side. There’s a strong sense of hope in Arik Dov’s voice. Watch the San Francisco-singer-songwriters music video on YouTube:

Arik Dov’s new EP, which contains “The Man” could be heard on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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