Need to Get Your Mind Off Things? RHYME SO Will Help

“Fashion Blogger,” by RHYME SO, is so eccentric and catchy, it’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face.

RHYME SO creatively depicts our social media crazed era with this electro-pop song, “Fashion Blogger.” Understandably, most of us take refuge and look forward to our time on social media these days due to limiting our time in the outside world, but “Fashion Blogger” humorously details the extreme. The song portrays how obsessed people can get with wanting attention on social media. “Fashion Blogger” itself is addicting. Filled with phrases such as “I am a fashion blogger,” “I’m a fashion blogger too,” and “Wait, I just need to refresh my feed,” this futuristic song is quite enjoyable and uplifting.

Listen to this incredibly amusing song below:

“Fashion Blogger” by RHYME SO

The music video for “Fashion Blogger” is also especially entertaining. Watch below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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