Need a Vacation From Your Staycation? Wes Chiller Has The Perfect Song Escape With

If you’re like me and would love to clear your mind for a little while, “Ladybug” by Wes Chiller can do exactly that.

Wes Chiller has had the wonderful advantage of growing up along the southern California coast, allowing the waves of the ocean inspire him. That undoubtedly worked because his latest release “Ladybug” is a cheerful vacation. “Ladybug” is a chillwave song that will give you images of lying on the beach. If you close your eyes while listening, you might actually feel the sand beneath your skin. Pop some earbuds in, take a deep breath, and unwind while listening to “Ladybug.” This laid back springtime hit has a melodious and airy chorus. The wavy guitar melody in “Ladybug” fades in and out, although is still continuous throughout the song to sweetly remember. The relaxing ambiance is accompanied by dreamy vocals with just enough reverb to add the the experience. With all that’s going on right now “Ladybug” will ease your mind and brighten your day.

Listen to “Ladybug” on Spotify below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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