Breaking Through Multiple Genres, Hollyy Releases Profound Single “What a Shame”

It’s a shame I haven’t heard of Hollyy until now, but I’m truly excited I found their new single “What a Shame.”

Originating in Chicago, Hollyy has spent the past year playing shows and creating new music. The band recently released their latest single “What a Shame,” and it’s quite a knockout. Inspired by Sam Cooke and Leon Bridges among others, Hollyy combines jazz and bluesy styles to create their unique soulful alt-rock sound. The combination of styles Hollyy incorporates spreads across multiple genres, making them deeply enjoyably.

“What a Shame” has all the thrilling elements of a blues song infused to create this soulful well-shaped song. The strong rhythm is engaging and consistent throughout “What a Shame.” The vocals are expressive and emotional, pulling the listener in. Probably the first things you’ll notice in “What a Shame” is the catchy lead guitar. It is melodic and perfectly paired with the beat, supported by the other fundamental instruments. Hollyy is certainly on the rise and impressing the music scene with “What a Shame.”

Listen to “What a Shame” below:

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Written by Hunter Lake

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