RX27 dives into Dark Topics on Third Single

Gothic punk outfit RX27 is out with their latest track “Welcome to Sick City” featuring Rikk Agnew.

This song starts off with piano chords in a low octave. The dark ballad sounds is a great kick off for the distorted electric guitars to take center stage before welcoming the vocal. The vocals are punk rock and bold. Lyrically the song heads into some dark places such as mental illness, drug addiction, and homelessness. Ultimately is asking the important questions, “what are you living for?” and “are you living your best life?” Perhaps the lyrics can be interpreted in a way that we are choosing what type of life we are living, as the vocals repeat “dig your own grave in sick city”, and that there is a way out if we truly look and work for one. “Welcome to Sick City” is the bands third release following “Chasing Crazy” and “Gasoline.”

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Written by Ryan C

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