Mads Jacobsen Talks to RTP about Life on Lockdown in Sicily, Shares New Song “The Corona Virus Blues”

Mads Jacobsen started off busking at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, moved to Italy to perform concerts and busk there, and is now on lockdown. 

Mads Jacobsen, originally from Seattle, has been in Italy for months now playing concerts and promoting his music by street performing until the lockdown happened. It only took a short time for the singer-songwriter to fall in love with Italy. Now, he is locked down, like so many in the world right now, due to the COVID19 virus. He writes to Rock the Pigeon from Sicily: “It has been my dream to live in Italy for a long time now though. And I planned on living in Sicily before the quarantine and fell in love with the island and feel at home for one of the first times in my life here.”


His latest song “The Corona Virus Blues” comes directly from his experience. Released weeks before the virus hit the United States hard, Mads Jacobsen gave listeners some insight to what lockdown and quarantine is like. He sings: “The streets are empty, it’s looking like a ghost town.” “I’m so tired about it, I better turn off the news.”

This song has a classic bluesy and rock n’ roll sound to it and even features a bluesy harmonica. The production style suits the song very well. Mads Jacobsen produced this song in his hotel room and played all instruments; guitar, harmonica, and vocals.

About the lockdown, Mads Jacobsen says: “I believe I’ve been in lock down quarantine since March 9th. Some good that has come out of it is that I am appreciating the important things I took for granted before…family, friends, traveling…I’ve also been able to get a lot more work done on my music and business side of things by having to stay home.”

Listen to this recording on Spotify now:

If you’re more into the EDM style of music check out The Astronaut remix version of the song too. The harmonica is still featured and the fusion between blues and dance is very cool!

Written by Ryan C. 

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