Sara Jackson-Holman’s New Single “Nuclear War” Seamlessly Seeps Into Your Mind

“Nuclear War” brings to light the feeling of urgency amidst the increasing uncertainty we’re facing.

Based in Los Angeles, Sara Jackson-Holman has already released three studio albums. Her songs have been featured in hit TV shows such as Greys Anatomy and Orange is the New Black, to name a couple. Sara recently graced us with her latest single “Nuclear War” off her EP Candy, which came out April 3rd.

One could easily compare Sara’s vocal style and melody to Lana Del Rey. Her vocals are completely controlled throughout “Nuclear War,” ranging from soft and soothing to powerful and emotional. She beautifully describes the unrest we face in times of unpredictability and the urgency we feel to escape with our loved ones. “While the whole words going crazy while they’re overworked or bored, hold me close” she sings, exquisitely contradicting the sad situation with a beautiful vocal melody. “Nuclear War” is a wonderfully slow-paced, slightly sad song, and completely fitting for these times.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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