Bonze Releases Single “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)”

Bonze releases “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?),” a slow paced, heartfelt song that brings the vibes.

“Jenny (Can You Hear Me?) is a cliche and an unapologetic love song. It was written in a shed in winter. The song is about the beginnings of a relationship with a girl ‘Jenny’, it’s about how emotionally up and down I can be and about how I felt that I was fully ready to commit to the relationship and just hoped that she was ready too. It was written with an 80’s-sounding analog synth, a mic, guitar and piano. This song became the foundation of my sound and upcoming album.”

The song begins with his soft vocals that reel us in. The piano also gives us this raw element underneath the vocals. I really love the pace of the song with the small buildups and addition of instruments and sounds throughout the track. The hook for the song will be stuck in my head for days to come. The warm feeling this song gives me makes it a perfect track to start a sunny day with!

Be sure to check out “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)” by Bonze on all platforms now!


Written By: Bryce Quartz


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