Jason Flame, Paragon Don, & David Lewis Team Up for Laid-Back Yet Motivating Hip-Hop Track

Jason Flame, Paragon Don, David Lewis, have teamed up to create a laid back hip hop song “Slowly Forward.” Every verse contains clever lyrics that are both empowering and curious about the possibilities of life. One of the lyrics even goes into asking the big question “What’s my purpose?” The lyrics cover questions that most people ask and feature motivation for discovery. The song is emotional from start to finish, bleeding a certain authenticity that is often lost in popular music.

Even though the beat and vocal delivery are slowly paced the song is energizing and motivating for the listener. It’s positive and hopeful. It seems to be the perfect song to get “in the zone.”

The instrumentation is centered around a lo-fi beat and laid back vocal deliveries. The production is fitting for the rap deliveries. I sincerely hope that these three artists decide to come together for another collaboration. “Slowly Forward” hits the nail on the head.

“Slowly Forward is about having the right people in your corner that are also willing to take the long way. I often try to compare myself to my achievements in life but have come to realize that its okay to go slow as long as I’m still moving forward.” – Jason Flame

Reviewed by Ryan Cassata

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