“Let Down, Get Down” By WOAH BOY is The Lively Sad Pop-Song We All Need to Hear Right Now

“Let Down, Get Down” is the first single by WOAH BOY of the EP Sure Sounds Nice.

“Let Down, Get Down” has lyrics that are somewhat dark and emotional yet they’re combined with a fast-paced melody inviting the listener to dance along. This song has a perfect mix of deep and thoughtful lyrics and complex melodies. “Let Down, Get Down” starts off with lyrics full of double-think supported by a lovely piano melody. The vocal tone throughout the song is attractive and full of feeling. The chorus of “Let Down, Get Down” is undeniably catchy with clear vocals and an open energy. The vibe is perfect for anyone that wants to let it out while being sad. “Let Down, Get Down” is already one of my top favorite songs of the year.

When I was writing “Let Down, Get Down,” I found myself in a sad, dormant holding pattern that wouldn’t end until I realized I was the pilot, I was the Air Traffic Controller, and I had the power to bring the wings home and create my own happiness with music. Tuned in, I was inspired to make a happy jam that would get people dancing, even if it was about an unfortunate breakup. -Damian, WOAH BOY

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Written by Hunter Lake

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