Ezra Michel Goes Lyrically Deep in New Song “I Lost My Gender”

Out and proud trans singer-songwriter Ezra Michel is out with a new song titled “I Love My Gender.” Performed live in the comfort of his room, he gets deep lyrically about his gender experience. Soft guitar picking, in a folky fashion, starts the song which eventually develops into a strum that adds a bit more energy when the lyrics get a bit more positive. The song speaks of his journey through depression, dysphoria and society’s disapproval. The topics in the lyrics dive deep and Ezra doesn’t shy away from talking about his full experience in detail. The story in the song eventually moves towards the accepting of his authentic self – a beautiful place to be. His story is inspiring and bleeds authenticity. This song will provide hope to anyone going through this experience as well as people that could use a little more self-love and self-acceptance.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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