Get Hooked on The Dirty Nil’s Quitting Drugs Anthem “Done With Drugs”

The Dirty Nil is out with a brand new song today called “Done With Drugs.” Quick paced punk, heavily distorted guitars, a unique vocal melody – Dirty Nil style, this song kicks ass! It’s another catchy tune from this great band that cannot be ignored. Blast this one from your speakers! You’ll definitely get hooked quickly, not on drugs (thank god), but to the music!


If you are someone in the recovery community or struggling with addiction or partying too much or too heavily; this song might really become your new anthem! It might even serve as a wakeup call for someone who needs one. Music has the power to transmit messages that one may not ever hear from the words of a concerned close friend or family member. Personally, I’ve been sober for six years. While I was fighting my addiction, I was not able to hear the words and pleads to stop from my close friends. Then I heard a Frank Turner song called “Recovery.” The lyrics spoke to me, as they were so honest and relatable. The Dirty Nil’s “Done With Drugs” has this same effect. I wish that I could have heard it six years ago, but I know that it will be of aid to others and it’s definitely an anthem that I will blast and send to others who may need a little wake up call. 

The lyrics on “Done with Drugs” talk about feeling invincible as a teenager but in adulthood realizing that reasonability is important in being able to have a healthy and long-lasting life. The lyrics go “I’m done with drugs…I hope they’re done with me.” The singer doesn’t shy away from talking about the good times and the fun that he had with drugs, but realizes it’s time to make a lifestyle change. Many people in recovery, including myself feel this way. We don’t regret that we used or partied, we even reminisce and think of the fun times, but we know that it’s too chaotic and dangerous to keep living life that way. 


This isn’t the first time that The Dirty Nil has talked about using and drinking issues. Another song from The Dirty Nil that hit me really hard is “I Don’t Want That Phone Call.” It’s another song that could serve as a wakeup call to an addict, or even provide a feeling of “I’m not alone” to a person that has a friend that is deep in addiction. As a friend of someone who is deep in addiction, I have a fear that I’ll get another phone call saying “so-and-so overdosed and died last night.” It’s a phone call that I have gotten many times and fear getting again. “I Don’t Want That Phone Call” lets me know that there are others out there that relate to that fear and struggle with it themselves. Hopefully the story will turn from “I Don’t Want That Phone Call” to “Done With Drugs” for our friends that are struggling.

If you love punk rock, the topic of recovery, check out The Dirty Nil; specifically their latest “Done With Drugs” and “I Don’t Want That Phone Call.” 

Here’s the song on Spotify: 

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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