A Song for the Revolution by A-Money & The Downtown City

Today I wanted to take a moment to shine a light on a great bluesy rock song by A-Money & The Downtown City. “Hands Up (No Justice)” was released in 2018 and covers the topic of police brutality. The song is track 3/5 on an EP called Night / Vision.

This is a call-for-peace song that talks about inequality and injustice. Perfect for the times right now, this song is a marching anthem for the movement. The lyrics say “No justice, no peace, we’re taking back our streets.” This is a powerful and popular phrase that many chant at rallies. The rallies have been going on for weeks now and I see the incredible changes that they are bringing. Hopefully, this song encourages people to keep going and can also serve as an empathetic and educational piece of writing that could inspire some to wake up to racial injustice. Music has the power to do that…this song definitely has the power to form that connection.


“This is a protest song against police brutality and in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. It needed to be said and expressed. It is a call to action to speak out, speak up and to not be silent, to protest and to stand up against injustice.” – Adam Merulli

“A-Money & The Downtown City is an original rock band and collaborative music project of singer-songwriter Adam Merulli hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. They blend styles from rock, reggae, spoken-word, soul and folk and are becoming more widely known for their entertaining and engaging live performances. Their Debut Studio EP “Night/Vision” is currently available on all streaming outlets and features lyrical songs touching on themes of love, validation, perseverance, justice and redemption. They are currently completing their next release “The Schoolhouse Sessions,” a collection of intimate acoustic-based recordings.” – Provided by A-Money & The Downtown City

Song Credits:
Adam Merulli – Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar, Keyboards
Jay Constable – Drums
Lloyd “Cookie” Willacy –Lead Guitar, Bass
Erika Johnson – Lead and Harmony Vocals
Written By Adam Merulli (ASCAP)

Written by Ryan Cassata

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