The Whelming Waters Release Exciting Debut LP


The Whelming Waters new song “Whiskey Song” will make you want to swing as soon as you hear it. The instrumentation is refreshing yet nostalgic. Pulling from 1950’s swing rock n’ roll, and big band music, The Whelming Waters flow musically. The vocal sits on top quite nicely and has a touch of current rock in the delivery style. The melodies are catchy during all sections which is quite a rarity these days. It’s a drinking song, if you couldn’t tell from the title. Some of the lyrics go: “Don’t let the whiskey go to your head.” 

The horn solo will definitely make you want to hear more. You’re in luck because The Whelming Waters are out with their debut LP called Bon Voyage. It’s multi-genre and exciting from start to finish. Go give it a listen:


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Written by Ryan Cassata

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