Noah Reid Out with Sophomore Album, Includes a Song about a Road Trip Across America

Noah Reid released an incredible record less than a month ago. It’s the singer-songwriters sophomore album. Gemini.

“American Roads” is a song about driving across America to make it to Los Angeles for Pilot Season. For those who don’t know, Pilot Season is an important time in the acting world where studios are creating samples for new shows and filming pilot episodes. This could result to someone’s big break! You can hear the sense of hope for a big break in Noah Reid’s song “American Roads.” It’s a relatable one.


Personally, I have driven across the country and I know the excitement in that. I’m also an actor that has come to Los Angeles to pursue both music and acting. Los Angeles is exciting and driving here to try to make something big out of yourself, is exciting, thrilling, and full of hope. Those emotions shine through in this upbeat track.

The songwriting style and choices of instrumentation feel inspired by classic rock, singer-songwriter folk, and Americana. The instrumentation is authentic and raw. There’s no synthetic pieces to be found. This gives the music a much bigger feel and sound.


“Driving across America was a big part of my twenties, heading to LA for pilot season. I’ve done it alone, with friends and with lovers, and I’ve never gone the same way twice. Music becomes so important on those drives, it keeps you engaged and regulates your energy and thought process. Such an incredible thing, to watch the landscape change, to feel the different vibes of states, cities and towns, to see that incredible country from the ground. My favourite drive, though, is always the drive home.” – Noah Reid 

Enjoy the record on Spotify:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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