Gnash Releases Lockdown Themed Songs “Inside” & “Outside”

With all the chaos going on in the world right now, music has been a great escape.

Although we don’t have live concerts, the music scene is still going strong. Many artists are releasing new tracks and albums, including pop singer-songwriter gnash, who found stardom with the hit song “I hate u, I love you (feat. Olivia O’Brien).”

Gnash’s latest drop is two new songs called “Outside” and “Inside.” The songs lyrically compliment each other and are inspired by life in quarantine. While the lyrics of the two songs are heavy in subject matter, gnash was still able to keep them on the fun and comedic side, through his soft vocal delivery and fun backup vocals. The songs are fitting with the rest of gnash’s catalogue, which combines several different genres of music, including hip hop, rap, pop, acoustic, and indie rock. Gnash has a way of delivery lyrics poetically and does that on these two songs.


Gnash talks about the unknown of quarantine and the future and gets candid about all of the fears that come with our current situation and lifestyle. He sings about the actual fear of stepping outside in public during the lockdown as the number of infected people rise.

“Inside” follows Gnash talking about all of the activities he can do indoors. Both songs feel like a mental checklist that the singer-songwriter does in his head to keep his mind sane and healthy during these unusual times. 

Listen to the songs on Spotify now, we are sure that you’ll find comfort in the universal topic of the lyrics:

“Fear and Hope. Those are the two emotions I’ve been feeling most recently. Like all of you, I’ve had some time to think for some months now. In the form of a mediation, outside/inside is a journey through my daily thought process. “outside” is a deep dive down into my mind without my usual sugarcoating on. “inside” allows me to honestly confess some realizations & resolutions I’ve made from the self-reflection time we’ve all accidentally found ourselves with. What holds them together and what’s keeping us all together right now, is that we’re all asking the same questions & facing the same moral dilemmas. Obviously, I’m not a scientist or a fortune teller. I don’t have the answer to these questions. But I can let you know that I’m asking the same things. I believe that if we feel together, then we’ll feel better.” – gnash

Written by Christina Suraci & RTP Staff

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