V. Tiarrá has a Song for the Revolution!


V. Tiarrá is out with “Batter Up” a New Revolution Anthem. Using metaphors from America’s favorite pastime sport, baseball, V. Tiarrá goes deep lyrically on this pop / hiphop song. Music has been used as a form of peaceful protest for decades, probably for centuries because music has the power to change the hearts and minds of the masses. V. Tiarrá’s song brings a much needed awareness to the Black Lives Matter revolution. Delivered emotionally and powerfully, V. Tiarrá has crafted and performed the perfect song to motivate others to protest, to bring awareness, and to bring real change. “Batter Up” is not only a game changer but also an anthem! #BlackLivesMatter #Vote

The final moment of the music video ends with a call urging people to register to vote, saying “America Needs You.” Watch this incredibly done music video on YouTube and enjoy the song:


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Website: http://www.venistiarra.com

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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