Fab The Duo Take the Power Back with Rock Ballad “Our Love Is Resistance”

Fab The Duo are out with a 5 song EP that starts with the ballad “Our Love Is Resistance.” This song is perfectly fitting for the tense times that our nation is experiencing.  Oppression is finally being called out in a massive way and the revolution is growing on the daily. “Our Love Is Resistance” speaks loud and proud and is an anthem for the revolution. The lyrics dig into the oppression of both the queer community and black community and build in a powerful way.


“Our love is a statement, and our love is powerful.” As an LGBTQ person, these lyrics ring true and bring full body chills. I relate to the feeling of my identity being politicalized and my love being disregarded and hated on. Fab The Duo takes back the power. With soulful guitar riffs and a gospel sound, this song stands out and demands attention. I think it even has the power to change the hearts and minds of those who may not be standing with us.

Check out the powerful music video that was filmed at the Stonewall Inn, the starting place of the gay liberation movement.

Written by Ryan Cassata 

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