All My Friends Hate Me Release Confession Song to Mom

All My Friends Hate Me is out with a new song titled “Blood.” It’s a confession song to the lead singers mother for stealing her car when he was just 14 years old. Now as an adult, he confesses through poetic lyrics and apologizes for that night. The lyrics go on to talk about other moments that many teenagers experience in adolescence such as falling in love and underage drinking. Bobby Banister writes in to Rock the Pigeon “This is a confession. Sorry, mom.


“Blood” is a bit more mellow compared to other All My Friends Hate Me songs like “LA Changed Me” and “Stay Up.” It’s great to hear the band with a slightly different sound to contrast some of their older tunes. The lyrics are emotionally charged and universal for the youngsters that leaned into their rebel side as teenagers. This song certainly feels more like a rock ballad and it’s one that young adults will definitely relate to.


“‘Blood’ is about the 14-year-old insomniac kid I used to be, who was dying to get out of a small town, and would do pretty much anything to feel alive. I used to wait until my mom went to sleep so I could “borrow” the car keys and take my friends on late-night joyrides in her beat up Volvo. For some reason, a LOT of those nights ended with all of us laughing at each other, and bleeding all over a grocery store parking lot, after trying to pull off Jackass stunts in shopping carts. “It’s the blood that made us who we are”. We definitely learned some lessons and picked up a few scars to remind us, down the road.” – Bobby Banister 

Blood came out today. Listen to it on Spotify now:


Written by Ryan Cassata

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