There’s About to Be a MixTape for Trans & Non-Binary Youth!


A new album is coming out this summer! It’s geared towards trans and non-binary youth! I believe it to be the first of its kind! This is a very important project that is so needed in the world right now. We know that it will show trans and non-binary youth that they are not alone. Music is the perfect tool to bring hope to not only just young people but to all! The tracks on this mixtape will provide much needed hope and inspiration for many.

The album is put together by Julie Lipson, who is in the Philly-based music duo Ants On A Log. The record will feature several high-profile trans artists and allies of the trans community across many different music genres. There will be a little something for everyone on this mix! The youth will love it!

There is a GoFundMe Page to support the project that is nearing its goal. Currently just over $2600 are raised of the $3500 goal. Click here to visit the GoFundMe Page.

We put out a call for songs  that:
-reflect the trans/nonbinary experience
-use gender neutral pronouns
-sound like an ally anthem
-use humor to talk about gender
-smash the concept of the gender binary
-talk about intersecting identities
-speak to kids in elementary or middle school
….and so many musicians sent us songs!” – Julie Lipson

Rock the Pigeon Staff

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