Indie Band Vix 20 Releases Hard-Hitting Pop Music Video “Try Again”

Duo Vix 20 brings on feelings of nostalgia with their latest upbeat music video “Try Again.”

Vix 20 combines a mix of 90’s rock and Indie pop to create their entertaining sound. Whether it’s the strong rhythmic power chords or the energetic vocals, Vix 20 will have you reminiscing of songs we can’t quite call classic yet. The style they bring is great for anyone who is looking for current music without all the extra auto-tune and effects many artists have these days. “Try Again” is a catchy song and a charismatic music video from the get-go. It begins with distorted power chords and an upfront and attention grabbing vocal presence. The chorus has a great balance of solo vocals and harmonies. The melody throughout “Try Again” is catchy and contagious, definitely an awesome track to rock out to.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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