Karly C Releases New Explosive Pop Track “I Hope You’re Happy Now”

Karly C is back with another fun pop song! Following her last release “Beggin’ Me To Love You,” Karly C brings fans “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” Rock the Pigeon asked the rising artist for some details on her new track which she wrote in May of this year. Karly says about the song: “Well to be honest the topic itself is pretty generic. Your typical ‘you got what you wanted, so I hope you’re happy now, regardless of how much you tried to put the blame for your unhappiness on me’ kind of message.  I had the music written first and just put down some lyrics that a wide audience can relate to.  The real inspiration for this song was once again seeing another Charlie Puth video of how creative he gets with his music production.  It’s just so inspiring to me that I can’t wait to have at it myself to see what I can come up with.” 


Universal topics in songs are great, because most people can relate to them which makes fans appreciate the lyrics more. Karly C hits the nail on the head with her lyrics being relatable. Mostly everyone has been through a breakup and have had similar feelings that the lyrics deeply discuss.

“I Hope You’re Happy Now” starts off feeling more like a ballad than a dance song but the energy smoothly shifts into a more explosive feel. This song is perfect for radio in every way including lyrics, vocal tone, catchiness, and beat. We believe that Karly C is moving up in songwriting talent from her last release and we are very excited to hear more soon!

We asked Karly C what is next for her career and she tells Rock the Pigeon “I just finished up singing on two pop tracks for a songwriting duo from the U.K. called “Minurva”  they found me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in collaborating as a featured vocalist.   The first of those two songs called “Sugar” is scheduled for release under the Minurva name (@minurvasounds on Instagram) on July 31, 2020.    The second song will be released at the end of August.  After that I’ll be releasing my third completely self written, engineered, and produced single sometime around Halloween.”

Listen to the song on Spotify as well:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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