Hello Noon Taps Into Harder Rock Sound with New Single “Miss Congeniality”

Los Angeles-based Indie Band Hello Noon is back with a new single!

Flashing their versatility, Hello Noon is back with their distortion up, ready for a stadium. Their new song “Miss Congeniality” radiates the essence of Cassadee Pope in a hard rock band. The lyrics create a portrait a girl we’ve all seen— if we haven’t been her before: someone broke, someone who lives under the pressure of expectations, someone who chooses to live their best life, fully and authentically.  This song urges the listener to follow their dreams.
Screeching feedback creeps in over an eerie electric guitar as vocals introduce us into a lonely space. Before long, the feedback returns, sweeping and crashing us into a wall of punchy guitars and huge drums. “Miss Congeniality” is heavier in contrast from other releases we’ve heard out of this indie-rock band. No matter what sonic grounds they choose to explore, Hello Noon continues to deliver on musicality with a ton of heart.

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Written by Rock the Pigeon Staff

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