Rory D’Lasnow is Raising Money for NAACP Legal Defense Fund with New Song

New York artist Rory D’Lasnow, is out with a new song titled “An American Lie.” The song starts with a softly picked acoustic guitar and poetic lyrics that may bring the listener to tear. The song combines elements of pop punk, indie rock, and folk in a way that is emotionally moving. “An American Lie” builds slowly throughout the track going from a simple acoustic song to a full on pop-punk anthem. Drums kick in, lyrics get more intense, and catchy hook melodies can be heard soaring over the beautiful instrumentation. The lyrics discuss ignorance and hatred towards the black community and address the police murder of George Floyd.

The music video contains footage of Rory performing the song on his acoustic guitar in the studio as well as footage from the Black Lives Matter protests. The style of the filming is vintage / retro and captivates the viewer easily.

All downloads and streams will benefit NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

“We the people are responsible for standing up to speak out when we see wrongs done to our fellow man, and to help make them right whenever we can”, Rory said, “So we protest, we become activists. But then, once the public outrage subsides, the same targeting, abuse of power, and negligence in response – which has been going on for centuries – quickly returns; to a collective shrug from the general public.”

D’Lasnow continued, “My hope is that we can unite as a human race to eliminate the bigotry and prejudice that is so rampant in society today. My goal is to use my voice in the best way I can to stand up for equality and justice.”


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Written by Ryan Cassata


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