Louis Metric Releases “Dust” Off His Debut Album ‘Faking The Experience’

“Dust” is the final release off his self-produced debut rap album by Louis Metric.

Louis Metric is breaking into the hip-hop genre with his debut album Faking The Experience. The title is fitting because Metric mentions he didn’t feel like a producer and wasn’t born with a talent for music, thus naming is Faking The Experience. Although he says that, the music has a clear and profound quality to it.

Louis Metric’s latest single “Dust” immediately grabs our attention. From the very first second we’re hooked on this song. The intro has a great beat that sets up the song perfectly. The melody is catchy and the lyrics flow through the verses deliberately and on point. Metric’s style shine through his vocal delivery as he makes rapping seem easy. His words flow precisely, always lining up with the beat. “Dust” is a catchy and memorable song proving that determination can bring amazing results if we put the right hard work into it.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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