First love(s) by Christina Suraci [Poetry]

They say you only have one first love, but I for one have had many

I met my first love when I was 8 I spent most of my teenage years, trying to get him to notice me, we reconnected years later, I felt nothing

15, another strong infatuation strikes me again, but through growth and maturity, I now consider him one of my best friends and the most influential person in my life

17, this time I fell hard for a girl, we only talk in passing now and wish each other well, I still thank her til this day

20, I had my first kiss in a treehouse after which he laid me on my back, I told him I loved him, he only wanted me to lay back down

23&24, I fell in love for real this time and I heard it echo back to me for the first time ever, he brought me a ring, we don’t speak


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