Lena Jackson x Jooselord x TAGEM x 2FLY KNG release “Black AF” through Carolina Waves

Award-winning North Carolina platform, Carolina Waves, presents “Black AF,” featuring NC-based artists Lena Jackson, Jooselord, TAGEM, and 2FLY KNG. The cypher immediately hooks the attention of the audience, providing fierce flowing lyrics always lining up on the beat, even at different tempos throughout the piece. Strong words are thrown at audiences, requiring not only listening, but the strong desire to provide full focus as auditory activists. The artists say that “this is a protest single and cypher from upcoming North Carolina emcees designed to bring awareness to the current situation of our country and to give a voice to the Black Lives Matter movement.” These moments must be documented in and for society, and “Black AF” is musically projecting volumes just as previous fighters have done through movements of civil rights.

Written by Jordan Nickel-Dubin

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