Nina Luna Drops Her First Single Off Her Upcoming Acoustic EP ‘Notes on a Decade of Romance’

“Dark Heart” is is her first single off this EP, inspired by the heartbreak she felt off a past relationship.

Nina Luna has been writing and performing her music since the age of 14. She has truly used this time to build and perfect her style, songwriting and vocal delivery. She mentions “Dark Heart” is based off an experience that deeply moved and affected her. That it’s a transformative feeling that most people will go through at some point in their life.

“Dark Heart” is an acoustic song comprised of only an acoustic guitar and Luna’s strong vocals. Although it’s an acoustic song “Dark Heart” has a powerful and impacting sound. Luna isn’t afraid to dive deep into her feelings for this song. Full of emotion, “Dark Heart” pulls at our heartstrings.

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Written by Hunter Lake

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